Let's stop the spread of the Coronavirus disease

We build online campaigns that help prevent the worldwide spread of COVID-19.

Whatever your background and whereabouts, please join us now!

Campaigns we've launched

We've built a number of campaigns targeted at specific audiences around the world uninformed about the coronavirus pandemic and inform them what they can do to help prevent its spread.



Helping people make the decision about self-quarantine or self-isolation for the good of themselves and their loved ones.



Advice to taxi drivers in Indonesia on how they can best protect themselves from contracting and spreading COVID-19.


Join Us

We're looking for help in starting new campaigns! Anyone can start a campaign so see the instructions below on how to get involved.

Start a campaign

1) Find a specific community you want to target such as "backpackers in asia" or "people with cancer in the UK".
2) Send us your proposal here and we'll fact-check it and respond within a couple hours. We're typically very quick!
3) We'll get your campaign live on our website and you take full ownership over sharing it as far as possible through social media.

Join our movement

This virus presents us with one of the largest opportunities to have a significant beneficial impact on saving the lives of others in our lifetimes. Let's do it!